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“I like to think that something survives after one dies” - Steve Jobs.

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We are a software company that offers everything in one place, we seek to make your business idea come true with the highest global technology standards.

We are in North and South America, bringing the highest technology to companies and growing with them. Be part of this story

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All in one

We offer complete packages
starting with UX / UI, code development, software, and after-sales security.

The latest technology

We always use the latest technology
from the hand of our most important providers of world software

24/7 customer support

Our main reason is you,
We accompany you from the moment you have the idea until we make it happen.


We always use projects hand in hand with clients, doing reviews together, online meetings and offering all our tools in the cloud.

8+ Years of experience
Years of experience
98+ Total project
Total Project
15+ Top Partners
Top partners
113+ Happy clients
Happy clients

We assurethe highest quality services
in the same place


We make our systems consulting services available to you in two modalities: virtual and face-toface, we train and update your staff by giving you information about the latest technology...


Web and Mobile app

We are specialists in developing mobile applications through the solutions that today lead the market, we use the best programming languages, we offer cloud reviews and continuous...


IT Support

IT support is provided to resolve any queries or problems you may have at any level of support, basic functions, system administration, PC maintenance, advanced PC formatting, updating and ...


Branding Corporate

We have the print and digital marketing tools that lead the market today, we closely follow the trend that today strengthens your brand, we create logos, business cards, brochures, catalogs...


Community Manager

The role of a community manager is to act as a bridge between the brand and the community it's aiming to create. He should be the brand's ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building...


Corporate Software

We offer the latest technological tools for your company, databases, flow managers, quality control software, ERP, CRM, inventories, computer security systems, access control to certain applications...


Cloud Storage

We offer the Cloud storage according to the best companies in the market, Amazon Glacier, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox for companies and individuals. Whe do the setup, installation, file...



We provide audits in cybersecurity, corporate hacking and computer attacks in a virtual and physical way for you and your company, we have the most complete guides and computer tools


Customer Engagement

We help you to design a user connection strategy for your brand, we offer you our solutions so that you can design communication campaigns, interact with your clients using the tools...


We design the best software
so that your project reaches the entire world.

Custom designs, responsive design, clean code, latest technology and backed by the largest in the industry.

Design in Seveny

Our most
recent projects

Custom-made websites, adaptable to your favorite devices, with the latest software technology and a wide variety of tools that dazzle the user experience.

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Seveny has a reason to work with you.

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Our most popular
web packages

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Starter - Silver $269.99
  • Domain Name Per Year
  • Hosting Web
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Customer Support
  • SSL Certificate
  • HTML Pages (1)
  • Form (1)
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Starter - Platinum $799.99
  • Domain Name Per Year
  • Hosting Web
  • UX/UI Design
  • Corporate Email
  • Web Design
  • Image Slider
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • SSL Certificate
  • HTML Pages (3)
  • Form (1)
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • WhatsApp Integration Chat
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Business - Ruby $1599.99
  • Domain Name Per Year
  • Hosting Web
  • UX/UI Design
  • Corporate Email
  • Web Design
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • SSL Certificate
  • HTML Pages (5)
  • Forms (2)
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Maps Integration
  • WhatsApp Integration Chat
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Analytics
  • Video/Photos Gallery
  • Whiteboard Corporate Video
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